About us

The Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises was founded in 1993. During the recent years, the members of the Association have been multiplied. Currently, the organization has some 100 members. The members supply district heating services to approx. 85 percent of the 650 thousand apartments utilizing district heating in Hungary.

The Association is in fact the representative body of the domestic district heating sector, embracing business entities involved in district heat supply and generation, as well as enterprises whose operations and the products they make or distribute are closely associated with the district heating sector.

Mission of the Association

The Association sensitively responds to the demands of various social actors and changes in the social environment; its openness, professional competence, credibility make the organization suitable for being a key stakeholder of the domestic energy industry. By giving priority to the interests of the district heat consumers from time to time, coordinating the professional and economic interests of the district heating suppliers, it exercises influence on the decision-making mechanisms concerning the sector; it takes a pioneering role in the fields of innovation, environmental and climate protection, energy efficiency.

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