Our activities and the advantages of membership

The most important task of the Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises is to perform its activities so that its own and the members’ opinions could be clearly articulated and promoted at the professional consultations concerning the district heating sector on the national and European level.

Towards the accomplishment of its objectives, the Association

  • acts as an umbrella organization and represents the business entities holding operating permits in district heat supply and generation;
  • forge cooperation and contacts with the competent ministries and authorities concerned, the specialized committees of the Hungarian and European Parliament, the local governments, as well as domestic and international organizations, associations;
  • fulfils tasks of representation of interests;
  • performs preparative activities for legislation and decision-making;
  • encourages the introduction and dissemination of advanced technologies, solutions, procedures;
  • cooperates in the establishment and development of international economic and professional relations;
  • promotes the social acknowledgment and estimation of district heat supply;
  • continuously informs its members, issues publications and studies, organizes conferences and professional events.

The Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises has the priority goal to make high-standard district heating services available to consumers through its members at affordable prices.

Via its own and the members’ activities, the Association wants to contribute substantially to the increase of the share of renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency, as well as the mitigation of the negative impacts of climate change.

In addition to the satisfaction of the expectations of its members, the Association has a strong focus on the implementation of public information campaigns in connection with district heating services.

The members of Association take an active role in the education of the future generations, and offer an opportunity for the practical training of the district heating service professionals of the future.

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